We are what they eat

Grown in mountain spring water


grown in the U.S.A.

Grown in mountain spring water

All waste is repurposed in agricultural projects

All processing has QC controls in place

Highest grade feeds

No whole corn


Growing fish in Mountain Spring water is not something many farms are able to do. Hawaii is known for some of the world’s most sought after fish because of its clean and pristine environment.  It has the transportation, both air and sea, similar to shipping requirements in other countries that export Tilapia to the US. And it has the ability to grow product year round which is not available in the continental US.  

Kohala Mountain Fish Company (KMFC) is a Split tank, closed, recirculating system on the Big Island of Hawaii.  KMFC produces tilapia year round at its faming and processing facility in the mountains above Kapa’au Hawaii. Sitting on the slopes of the oldest volcano on the Big Island and being in one of the most productive farming communities in the State,  KMFC utilizes it’s two mountain springs in all stages of growth.   


On the Big Island of Hawaii, approximately 1.38 billion gallons of water per day is captured in aquifers 8,000 to 12,000 feet below the surface. With minimal human interference or mechanical processing, this water is certified to be naturally free of heavy metal, chemical or excessive mineral content.  Our fish are raised in crystal clear Mountain Spring water from start to finish that emanates from aquifers deep within the mountains. 

 KMFC controls everything from the Hatchery to the freezing. Our feeds are whole corn free and based on the best formulas in the industry and provided by EWOS, Canada.   Our processing facility is on site and can provide both fresh and frozen processing.   KMFC meets all HACCP requirements as well as all USDA and EU certifications. And applies all BAP standards.

Our product is available year round and we are offering our product whole round, scaled and gutted and assorted fillet sizes, both Fresh or Frozen.  We can fly fresh daily from Kona, Hilo and Honolulu.

KMFC strives to do everything we can to provide the best and most consistent product.   

1) This is a US Product. 
2) We’re using Mountain Spring water. 
3) All Waste is being utilized for other Ag components of the project. 
4) All processing will have the necessary QC Controls in Place. 
5) Highest Grade feeds/Whole Corn Free


 Our fish are a Oreochromis Mossambicus HYBRID


Common NAME: RED Tilapia


 Bulk 1,000lb tote


Case Pack Information and packaging net case pack weight 10, 25 and 40lb box/net weights


Sizes available range

from .75 lb -2.5




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